Our Mission


The World Congress aims to be a networking resource for LGBTQ Jews from around the world to connect, engage, and support on local, national, continental and global levels. The Hebrew subtitle Keshet Ga’avah – Rainbow of Pride – emphasizes the importance of tradition and diversity to the World Congress.
Our Mission

Interfaith Event in NYC on November 20th




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Our Archives

Our Archives

The World Congress of GLBT Jews has a rich and impressive history. Over 40 years old, the World Congress of GLBT Jews has responded to worldwide fluctuation in LGBTQ Jewish communities, policies, and politics. Check out our archives to learn about our involvement in the UN and our bold history of volunteers and member organizations. Despite the acceptance of LGBTQ Jews in places around the world, there are still many communities that need the support of an international community. If you were once involved in the World Congress and have photos or publications from the past, please contact Gabrielle Kirsch from Meet Our Team. We hope you enjoy the new features of this website and are reminded of the continued importance of such an organization.
Our Archives

Our New Website

The best way to stay connected to international organizations is online. Our new website, created by a volunteer, works to highlight current member information. Among our new features is the map of our members: an interactive map powered by google that allows you to click and drag around the world. Members will have the opportunity to feature their events on our website as well as update their organization’s page. Léa, one of our volunteer, also conducts interviews with organizations around the world to highlight their unique triumphs and struggles. With constant contact with our member organizations, we look forward to co-sponsoring events with our members. Last year, we teamed up with the Jerusalem Open House for An Evening of Art in Los Angeles. Proceeds went to the Shira Banki Educational Fund and to the World Congress. Check back soon to learn about our future events in Buenos Aires and Paris!

Map of Our Members

Interviews with Our Member Organizations

We have always had a positive impression derived from the fact that other organizations of the world shared their expertise and gave us encouragement for the achievement of our main goal which was, and still is the struggle to have LGBTIQ people recognized as part of the Jewish world. We have always considered the WC as an institution that helped the LGBTIQ Jews of the World to achieve common goals such as equal rights and inclusion within the communities they belong to.
Gustavo Michanie of JAG, Buenos Aires, Avada
Interviews conducted by Léa Azoulay

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