Horrified by the attacks in Paris, the World Congress of GLBT Jews issues a call to face the war against democracy declared by Islamism

November 14, 2015, Washington, DC

                 The World Congress of GLBT Jews is deeply horrified by the appalling terrorist attacks that took place on Friday, November 13, in Paris, where our members of Beit Haverim are based.   We join in sorrow and extend our condolences to the relatives of the victims.  Our thoughts are also with the injured, especially those struggling to stay alive.  We fully support France and its authorities in this new event.

                 Make no mistake about it, Paris and France are not the only targets. ISIS and Islam have declared war against the secular world, against the values on which our democracies are based.

                 After attacking the free-thinking, law enforcement, and the Jewish community in January, Islamist terrorism has now targeted youth, culture, sports, diversity and happiness.

                 Faced with this war, the response must be firm and merciless against individuals, terrorist organizations, and their supporters.  Let us not be caught in the trap of ethnic and religious divisions set by Islamism, which finds an ally in nationalism in an attempt to tip our democracies into a “civil war of civilizations.”

                 The war that must be waged is that against Islamism and intolerance.  The World Congress of GLBT Jews issues a call to its members and supporters to continue the global struggle for this cause.