Barbara 'Goldy' Goldberg, she/her/we
Barbara 'Goldy' Goldberg, she/her/wePresident
Goldy is passionate about the World Congress providing a voice and networking source for both LGBTQI Jewish organizations and individuals worldwide. An active member of the Washington DC LBGT synagogue, Bet Mishpachah, Goldy served on the Board of Directors in various positions and currently serves on their Rabbinic Liaison committee. She is a recipient of the Harvey Milk Chesed award presented for service to the LGBTQI+ and Jewish community at large as well as Volunteer of the Year award for her many years of service to the congregation.

In her professional life Goldy served as the President of a geographically diverse military association and the Chairperson of a worldwide women’s program. After military service in the United States Air Force, Goldy joined the civilian Federal workforce as a Presidential Management Fellow. Among her many accomplishments, she supported the creation and implementation of an Executive Exchange: Making Strategic Connections rotational assignment program, which received first place for the Best Leadership Development Program in the Federal Government and second place for the Best Workforce Development Program in the Federal Government.

Dedicated to her share in תיקון עולם (repair of the world), Goldy volunteered her time and conducted a study on the business case for diversity for one of the largest school districts in the United States. Her recommendations were included in district-wide diversity initiatives.

Goldy, together with her wife, LySandra, have four children and seven grandchildren.

Gustavo Michanie, he/him/his
Gustavo Michanie, he/him/hisVice President
Gustavo Michanie works tirelessly as an activist for the Diversity and Inclusion Cause in Argentina and has been working for more than 15 years in the creation and operation of JAG (Jewish Argentine Gays).

He has served two terms as President of JAG and is the current Vice President. In 2014, JAG was acknowledged and included in the most representative Jewish Institution of Argentina, DAIA (Argentine Delegation of Israel Associations), and in November 2018, Gustavo was elected as a member of its Board.

Gustavo has been part of the World Congress: Keshet Ga’avah for over 10 years. In 2017, Gustavo was instrumental in the JAG partnering with the World Congress to host their annual board meeting, the first Shabatton in Buenos Aires, and a World Conference attended by representatives from seven countries. This conference was the first of its kind in Latin America.

In addition to serving as Vice President of the World Congress: Keshet Ga’avah, Gustavo uses his energies to foster the development of Communitarian policies in Argentina where he’s worked with others to become a beacon in Latin America, strengthening existing bonds and generating new lines of thought and work. One of his major accomplishments was working with political representatives in Argentina involved in the discussion of the Equal Marriage Law that was finally passed in July 2010. This success allowed him to marry Marcelo Robles in 2015, which Gustavo says can be considered one more step towards the: “Kol Israel arevim ze lazé” “Every Jewish is responsible for his fellow”

Gustavo is one of the protagonists of the Documentary, “One Among Others,” which is a film describing the story of four gay members of the Jewish Community in Argentina. ersity initiatives.

Scott Melton, he/him/his
Scott Melton, he/him/hisInterim Secretary
Scott Melton is full-time faculty for English, Philosophy, and Film at Bosque School. He joined Bosque in 2016 as the Director of Diversity. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Breaking the Silence NM, works with New Mexico Thrives, and is a certified facilitator for ADL’s Words to Action program. Scott also serves on the DEI working group and the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.

Scott was active with the World Congress of GLBT Jews from 1995 – 2000. After a long hiatus, he is very eager to reengage with the organization and connect the relatively small community of Albuquerque (ca. 22,000 Jews in the entire state) with the rest of the world and bring a more inclusive and diverse perception of Judaism to New Mexico.

From 1997 to 2009, he was an issue expert on independent living, long-term care, end-of-life, and workforce issues for AARP. He coordinated integrated education and advocacy campaigns for 14 states and was the Associate State Director of AARP Florida. Scott studied Philology at the University of Munich and received his BA in Linguistics from UNLV. He has an MA in German Studies and Critical Theory from the University of Arizona and completed his thesis at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen, Germany.

Steven Joachim, he/him/his
Steven Joachim, he/him/hisTreasurer
Steven is currently living in Buenos Aries, Argentina and is President of the Argentina Chapter of The Texas Exes, a self-governed nonprofit organization that exists to promote and protect the University of Texas at Austin and unite alumni around the world.

Steven is a past treasurer of Congregation Or Chadash in Chicago and served on the board of a Charitable Trust belonging to Temple Beth-El in San Antonio, Texas. This past year he served as the Communications Coordinator and Newsletter Editor for the World Congress: Keshet Ga’avah.

Lior Carver, they/them/theirs
Lior Carver, they/them/theirsOfficer at Large, Eastern Hemisphere
Originally from London, Lior Carver is a trans masc Jew currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands: They are passionate about educating ourselves as a means of continuing the emancipation of LGBTIQ++ people everywhere. They believe that foundational texts of most religions have been used as tools of oppression, and it is only by seizing the narrative and reinterpreting/reimagining these texts that we can be accepted and celebrated by our communities instead of merely tolerated. Lior believes that just as every generation must find out the Torah for themselves, so every generation must work to preserve our hard-won rights. As part of their self-education, They are doing the Day Yomi and will provide regular updates for the Keshet Ga’avah newsletter.

Lior is also on the board of the Global Interfaith Network (, working to ensure that queer Jewish voices are part of the global interfaith movement for queer people of faith.

Marco Fiammelli, he/him/his
Marco Fiammelli, he/him/hisOfficer at Large, Eastern Hemisphere
Marco lives in Rome, Italy working as a professional solider in the Italian army. He’s lived for almost 10 years with his partner Federico with whom he made the ghiur (formal conversion to Judaism) in 2012 in Paris at the Mouvement Juif Libéral de France (MJLF). Marco and Federico married on September 11th, 2016 in Rome in a religious ceremony with a Rabbi, kippa, ketubah, and lots of friends. .

He is the head of the organization Magen David Keshet Italia. Their mission is to help Jewish homosexual people to live their lives with serenity without having to give up any part of their personality, especially for those who are religious. Under his leadership, MDKI hosted the 2017 Board Meeting and World Conference.

Marco is currently organizing a European Regional Conference for the World Congress: Keshet Ga’avah for 2021.

Ian M. Brown, he/him/his
Ian M. Brown, he/him/hisOfficer at Large Western Hemisphere
Ian M. Brown is an active duty US Army Major and serves as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company Commander in the US Army Cyber Command. His military career spans 20-plus years, three wartime and two peace time overseas deployments, and multiple leadership roles. He has earned a Master of Arts in Information Technology Management, as well as other professional certifications.

Ian is passionate about advocating and programming for the transgender community. He uses his lived experience of cultural intersections to highlight the concerns of the most marginalized amongst us and amplify the voices of those that have been silenced.

Ian is a Capital Pride Alliance Board Member and has served as the Executive Producer of Capital Trans Pride (2018-2020), a panelist for the FLUX Transgender Veterans Panel Discussion (2018) and the keynote speaker for the Bet Mishpachah Transgender Day of Remembrance service (2017). Ian was the 2019 Harvey Milk Chesed Award Recipient.

Sheppard Wahnon, he/his/his
Sheppard Wahnon, he/his/hisCultural Inclusion Representative
Shep is based in New York City and works with Congregation Beit Simchat Torah there. Shep has been involved with the World Congress since 1977. His passion is reaching and supporting small, isolated, emerging and re-emerging Jewish communities worldwide, working with Kulanu, as he has visited many in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa and Cape Verde, where much of his family lives. He is involved in the Assembly of the Federation of Gay Games and is part of the team planning for World Pride: Stonewall 50 in 2019 in New York. He is a long term survivor of HIV/AIDS for over thirty years and is an AIDS activist.