Project Description

All Roads Lead to Rome

2017 was a year of firsts for The World Congress: We sponsored and co-organized two major international events in Buenos Aires with JAG and in Paris with Beit Haverim. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to the vibrant activities of our organization in some capacity: elected officers, volunteers, members and delegates.

2018 will be also a year of firsts, all demonstrating again how globally and locally, we support our communities:

  • Kol Koleinu will be the first book ever published by The World Congress;
  • Several local communities will organize events to celebrate the book launch;
  • Internationally, we will sponsor and co-organize the board meeting and the conference for the first time in Rome, with MDKI.


The objectives of Kol Koleinu (All Our Voices) are threefold: compiling key milestones of The World Congress: Keshet Ga’avah since the 1970’s, recognizing the contributions of major LGBTQ Jewish organizations in 15 countries on 5 continents, and documenting current issues in our communities for the benefit of future generations.

Current polarizing issues include religious marriage, Jews by Choice, LGBTQ parenthood, interfaith engagement, gendered segregation in public spaces, and hate speech, among others. It is hard to predict which of these issues will fade away with time and which will transform society. Kol Koleinu is a witness and a contributor to our current time.

By conceiving and publishing this book, The World Congress seeks to build a legacy for future generations and all communities. Our legacy will be built by creating something that will outlive us. We hope Kol Koleinu will become a timeless piece.

This edition of Kol Koleinu will be limited. If you are interested in ordering one copy for yourself and making a gift please click here.


Here are the latest dates for the book events in each community:

  • March 16th: Rome, MDKI during the global conference
  • April 9th – 10th: New York, Columbia University
  • May 4th: New York, CBST
  • May 25th: San Francisco, Sha’ar Zahav
  • August 3rd: Amsterdam, Beit HaChidush

And coming soon will be Atlanta with Congregation Beit Haverim, Washington, DC with Bet Mishpachah, Los Angeles with BCC, Singapore, and Sydney. The events are open to everybody, individual members and non-members alike. Please contact the relevant community or The World Congress. We are looking forward to welcoming you in one of those events. And if you are interested to organize your own community event, The World Congress is delighted to support you. Please contact us on


For the first time, Italy will host our main global event from March 15th to 18th: A board meeting and an international conference are organized by one of our most recent and active members, MDKI founded in Rome by our officer Marco Fiamelli.

They have done a fantastic job putting together a program that promises to be both enriching and enjoyable. The overall title of the conference, “Minorities Alone, Strong Together,” sums up the subjects covered during those four days. Four panels featuring distinguished speakers will discuss the following themes:

  • LGBT Jewish and Muslim activists, stories of support and collaboration;
  • LGBT refugees seeking asylum in Italy and refuge houses for LGBT young people forced to leave their homes;
  • Preventing and fighting gender-based violence against women;
  • Civil Rights in Israel, how to integrate individual freedoms and strong religious traditions. Lessons for the western world.

We will enjoy professional simultaneous translation and video capture of all debates.

As usual, one of the favorite aspects of our conferences is to connect, engage and build your own network with more than 50 delegates from Israel, Europe, and the Americas. Social events, cultural visits, and free time are planned for that purpose.

Some spots are still available. Click here to register.

Last but not least, Rome will host our board meeting. Directors representing will discuss the business and plans of The World Congress. All members in good standing order of their dues are invited. If you did not receive your invitation letter yet, please pay your 2018 dues online or contact Goldy.

I look forward to welcoming you in person in Rome and following up the dialogue on our exciting move for 2018.

Warm Shalom,

Frank Giaoui Giaoui

US Cel. +1 (347) 740-5673

WhatsApp + 33 6 20 98 67 88