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Beit Haverim

Beit Haverim is a Law 1901 organization. Composed of LGBT Jews and their friends, the organization is structured around three founding principles: Community, Identity, and Citizenship. When we say community, we aim to host and find community with each other during warm and festive moments. When we say identity, we mean to dialogue around our double identities of being LGBT and Jewish. When we say citizenship, we strive to take part in conversations and direct actions within our society. This involves combatting homophobia, transphobia, other forms of queerphobia, and anti-semitism.


Each month, Beit Haverim organizes a number of activities including a movie viewing club, a Jewish history workshop, ulpan (Hebrew learning courses), community and cultural outing, and dinners. Please visit our website at if you would like to join our organization.

Beit Haverim in 2017 Celebrates 40 Years

[fusion_accordion divider_line=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”The First French, Jewish, and LGBT Calendar ” open=”no”]This calendar marks the beginning of Beit Haverim’s festivities surrounding their 40th anniversary. With the help of this calendar, the organization aims at making more visible gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people who created the calendar despite the taboo that still is prevalent in many Jewish spaces.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Queens of Pourim Music Video” open=”no”]It starts with Britney Boutboul waking up from a daydream in her Jewish high school, imagining being free from the strictness. In classic Glee / High School Musical fashion, “Queens of Pourim” tells of a musical battle between a group of religious young men and a group of young high school girls. Don’t miss out on this hysterical music video![/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Judaism and Homosexuality – 40 years of history with Beit Haverim ” open=”no”]This powerful book starts from the beginning of Beit Haverim when a group of ashkenazi people came together to found the organization in 1977. Through the decades, the group did not cease to fight for the rights of LGBT people. The book features chapters from important figures in LGBTQ and Jewish life including Rabbis, past and present leadership of Beit Haverim, sociologists, lawyers, and politicians.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”23rd Conference of the World Congress of GLBT Jews by Beit Haverim ” open=”no”]

The Beit Haverim is delighted to welcome you to Paris for the World Congress of GLBT Jews’ 23rd Conference. We look forward to a conference on the various currents that are affecting LGBT persons’ rights, image and position in our societies, recreational activities to enjoy the city, explore Paris’ Jewish heritage, taste the food, and feel the beat of local nightlife.

The price of 130 € includes: a welcome cocktail, the conferences, Friday shabbaton, Saturday lunch, tours on the bateau mouche (barges that take you down the Seine), and a picnic.

Click here to purchase Beit Haverim’s book and/or Calendar!

Meet Our Team

CaroleBoard Member
Carole has been on the Board of the Beit Haverim since 2014.
She has brought together a solid group of women by reviving the girls’ afterwork dinners once a month and occasional outings to enjoy Paris’ culture and nightlife! Lots of her work is behind-the-scenes, handling administrative tasks and responding to emails and requests that come through Beit Haverim’s email address.
Carole has legal training and is currently working in a law firm.

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