Project Description


We are a group of people committed to our country and the Jewish Community. We believe and fight for equal rights and treatment for all. We aspire to celebrate the Jewish life cycle within the community with equality and respect. We are made up of people from all communities with very different profiles: gay, heterosexual, relatives and friends convinced of the need for a space for people with different sexual orientations and identities.

How to Contact

Alicia Ronay
Alicia RonayOfficer at Large, Western Hemisphere of the World Congress
Alicia Roney is from Mexico City. She belongs to Guimel, an LGBTQ Jewish organization in Mexico. She studied psychology at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She has experience in web design, gender studies, and photography. Her entrepreneurship and philanthropy has taken her to explore many diverse industries. All of these experiences has made Alicia a diverse person who believes everyone deserves to live openly, freely, and with dignity.
Luis Perelman
Luis PerelmanCo-Director of El Armario Abierto and Member of Guimel
Luis Perelman is a sexologist from Mexico and co-director of El Armario Abierto, an organization to improve sexual education. Luis has been a volunteer for the World Congress in the past and is very active in involving LGBTQ Jewish people in Central and South America.