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Shavat Va-Yinafash: The 2017 Edition

Attend the Dedication for the second edition of Bet Mishpachah’s Siddur, Shavat Va-Yinafash. The new Siddurim will be joyously dedicated and used for the first time at our December 1 Shabbat service.

Bet Mishpachah’s unique siddurShavat Va-Yinafash, was first published in a hardbound edition in 1991 and was adopted by several other GLBTQ congregations around the country. In recent years, the congregation has used soft-bound early drafts of the second edition.

As with the first edition, the English translations in the second edition use gender-neutral terminology with respect to God, and both male and female forms in Hebrew and English with respect to people. They add references to women, such as all six Matriarchs and the Prophet Miriam. Much of the translation of traditional Hebrew prayers is original. Some Hebrew prayers are in the feminine. In the new edition all Hebrew is transliterated.

Shavat Va-Yinafash also offers a variety of beautiful prayers and meditations by contemporary liturgists, including several very talented members of Bet Mishpachah. Special prayers from a trans perspective are also included.

The siddur includes complete services for Friday night and Saturday morning, including the service for reading the Torah. It also includes the Festival Amida and selected prayers and readings for holidays and special occasions throughout the year.