August 2017 Editorial


2017 will mark two nominal firsts for the World Congress: we will hold and sponsor two major international conferences instead of one. We have also launched an ambitious project of publishing a book to leave a legacy for the future generations of LGBT Jews and allies. The World Congress’s book [...]

Non è in cielo


Non è in cielo - Havurà umanistica di Verona, Italia Non è in cielo is the first Italian organization that is a member of the World Congress of GLBT Jews: Keshet Ga'avah. The name "It is not in heaven" is inspired by Deuteronomy 30:12, as it has been recalled [...]

Bet Tikvah of Pittsburg


Bet Tikvah Since its beginnings Bet Tikvah have addressed the social and spiritual needs of its growing community. Religious services are held at Rodef Shalom, a major Pittsburgh synagogue on the first Friday of every month. Services continue to be led by members of the congregation, creating a warm, engaged, [...]

Anakhnu: GLBT Group


Anakhnu: GLBT Group Anakhnu is a Rady JCC sponsored group for Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender like-minded individuals and their friends. Age is no barrier and only friendship is encouraged. This initiative is an opportunity for Jewish GLBT individuals, family members and friends to socialize, gain [...]

Protest in Tel Aviv Against Gay Adoption Policy


When we see photographs of Pride in Tel Aviv, we see a vibrant city in support of the LGBT community. We read how Israel is the Eden of LGBT life in the Middle East. Although it’s easy to see Tel Aviv as a safe haven for LGBT people, it’s important [...]

Anti-Semitism in the LGBT Community?


Anti-Semitism  in the LGBTQ Community? Questioning discrimination from the inside and the outside An anti-Semitic wave is rising among LGBT movements in Europe and the Americas. We saw and we can still see it rise during the various pride parades and LGBT gatherings as in Madrid few years ago and in Chicago last [...]

Angela Merkel Visits JAG in Buenos Aires


On June 8th, we had the unprecedented visit of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who visited the CIRA Community’s Synagogue in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Merkel visited the synagogue to inaugurate a newly restored German organ that was specially built for the synagogue in 1931 and had been broken for years. The organ restoration [...]

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