Non è in cielo


Non è in cielo - Havurà umanistica di Verona, Italia Non è in cielo is the first Italian organization that is a member of the World Congress of GLBT Jews: Keshet Ga'avah. The name "It is not in heaven" is inspired by Deuteronomy 30:12, as it has been recalled [...]

Bet Tikvah of Pittsburg


Bet Tikvah Since its beginnings Bet Tikvah have addressed the social and spiritual needs of its growing community. Religious services are held at Rodef Shalom, a major Pittsburgh synagogue on the first Friday of every month. Services continue to be led by members of the congregation, creating a warm, engaged, [...]

Anakhnu: GLBT Group


Anakhnu: GLBT Group Anakhnu is a Rady JCC sponsored group for Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender like-minded individuals and their friends. Age is no barrier and only friendship is encouraged. This initiative is an opportunity for Jewish GLBT individuals, family members and friends to socialize, gain [...]

Marco Fiamelli of Magen David Keshet Italia


We are continuing our world tour of our member organizations with the presentation of Magen David Keshet Italia and its president Marco Fiamelli. Interview conducted by David Azouley. 1) Hi Marco, could you introduce yourself to our readers? What is your personal and organizational background? What are your motivations for volunteering with Magen [...]

Gustavo Michanie of JAG


Gustavo Michanie of JAG, Buenos Aires, graciously agreed to be interviewed by David Azouley from the World Congress.  JAG sent a link to the trailer of the movie "Other among Others," which might be of interest to our readers around the world.   En Español 1- First of all, we would like to learn a [...]

Stuart Soltsky, President of Bet Mishpachah


Interview with Stuart Sotsky, President, by David Azoulay 1) You will co-sponsor the next board meeting of the World Congress of GLBT Jews on April 10 in Washington. Could you tell us why it is important for Bet Mishpachah to be part of the World Congress? What message would you want to convey to our [...]

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