The World Congress of GLBT Jews simplifies its membership structure, becoming more inclusive, encouraging new organizations to join.

At its Annual General Meeting held in Washington D.C. on April 10, the Board of the World Congress of GLBT Jews voted to expand its membership structure and elected new officers. During the 2015-16 period, the organization, a networking resource for LGBTQ Jews from around the world, enjoyed robust enrollment from new organizations, including members from Italy, Michigan and New York, and is now reaching out to a broader pool, inviting membership from mainstream Jewish organizations, secular LGBT organizations and individual members. Previously voting membership included only LGBT Jewish organizations.

This year the new Steering Committee includes elected officers from France, Israel, Italy, Mexico and the U.S.A.

“The expanding membership structure of The World Congress is important in that it adapts to the evolution of our communities on the field, for example, in North America, mainstream synagogues have now become more LGBT inclusive. Internationally, Jewish communities are mainly social groups and this structure accommodates secular LGBT communities and the more secluded individuals from smaller towns or remote Jewish communities, globally.”
Frank Giaoui, President of the World Congress expressed excitement:
“The World Congress expanding membership structure will benefit all members. The larger organizations will benefit from a broader global network when publicizing their initiatives, the smaller organizations will be able to tap into expanded resources when looking for solidarity and individuals will be less isolated,”
Barbara Goldberg, Vice President of the World Congress, notes

The organization expressed elation when Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST), the largest LGBTQ synagogue in the world, and a founding member of the World Congress, rejoined after an eight year absence. “We are so proud to welcome CBST back as a member. It is also promising that together with Mexico City, Paris and Rome, New York is among the most serious contenders to host the Annual General Meeting of the World Congress for 2017, some 40 years after the historic conference hosted previously by CBST,” noted Giaoui.

“I am delighted that 2016 marks the year of the opening of CBST’s new home of our own in New York City and of our coming back to the World Congress membership. We aim at a continuing and fruitful collaboration in the future.”
CBST’s senior Rabbi, Sharon Kleinbaum said,
“One of the most exciting moments of my life was being part of the team that created the format for the conferences, as well as the Second International Conference in New York City in 1977. Knowing that the mission of the World Congress continues under a new generation of leaders is reassuring to me.”
Past president of the World Congress and of CBST, Michael Levine, noted,
Frank Giaoui
Frank GiaouiPresident of the World Congress of GLBT Jews
Press Release Published April 13, 2016