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Project Description

Beit Ha’Chidush of Amsterdam

Beit Ha’Chidush (House of Renewal) is an independent Jewish congregation whose roots date back to December 1, 1995 when a diverse group of Jewish people conducted a Friday evening service in a living room in Amsterdam. We seek to celebrate, revive and modernize our Jewish civilization by conducting participatory and egalitarian services. Beit Ha’Chidush is a modern Jewish community for everyone with a Jewish family background. We are a community based on equality: BHC welcomes people with one or two Jewish parents; men, women and any other gender identity; straight or lgbtqi; parents and children; youths and older people.

Three times a month and at festivals, BHC members gather in the attractive Uilenburg synagogue in the former Jewish area ​in the center of Amsterdam. We celebrate Shabbat and major festivals based on traditional sources. However, we constantly try to find ways to connect to modern life, e.g. from Jewish Renewal and other modern Jewish movements.

Pride Shabbat

Photo by Jacq Carver

The progressive Jewish congregation Beit Ha’Chidush organizes its annual special Pride Shabbat service at the Uilenburg Synagogue, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, Amsterdam, on the​ Friday ​evening preceding the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade. In general, that is the first Friday of August, unless August 1 is a Saturday, in which case it will be Friday evening July 31. On this Shabbat we celebrate LGBTQI sexuality and above all diversity! Before the service we have a potluck dinner. We ask our guests to bring along something to eat (vegetarian / kosher-style). We will provide drinks and pink bubbly. The service will then follow the dinner.

After the service we can talk, nosh and drink in the 18th century Uilenburg Shul. Everyone, Jewish, non-Jewish, LGBTQI or straight is welcome! Registration due to heightened security is obligatory. How to register will be found well in advance at and on our Facebook group. Baruchiem Haba’iem! Welcome! It will be a beautiful evening.

Bob Newmark
Bob NewmarkLongtime Member
Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Bob (he/him/his) if you are interested in joining Beit Ha’Chidush in any capacity – for longterm involvement or if you’re visiting Amsterdam and would like to meet some friends.
Rabbi Tamarah Benima
Rabbi Tamarah BenimaRabbi at Beit Ha'Chidush
Do you need pastoral care, or spiritual guidance? Is there a life cycle event at the door, for example a marriage, or a birth? Do you have a question about a Jewish subject? Do you want to learn about Judaism? Or do you just want a conversation about what you are doing? Please contact Rabbi Tamarah Benima (she/her/hers).
Jacq Carver
Jacq CarverBeit Ha'Chidush Member
Originally from London, Jacq (they, them, theirs) has lived for a long time in Amsterdam. Jacq is an activist for LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion. They are a part of the Global Interfaith Network and were instrumental in the creation of the book, “Behold, I make all things new: What do the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam really say in regard to human sexuality?”