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Book Project Update in November

Shalom dear readers. I hope you all have had a great beginning of 5778, a meaningful Kippur and a great Sukkot!

It has been more than a month already since we gathered in Paris. It was a fruitful event for our book. I met very interesting people from around the world, from Luxembourg to London, from Russia to Mexico, among others. It looks like we are going to have a very varied content regarding the LGBTQ Jewish topics. We learnt from many inputs that we received. We are working on including as many points of view as possible. It is important to highlight that we want to listen to all the voices out there and give them a place in the book.

I really enjoyed being in this meeting in Paris. First of all, a big mazal tov to Beit Haverim on its 40th anniversary!

There, I had the chance to meet with Rabbis and community leaders who helped me to really polish the ideas for the book. Now we are very close to have our Editorial Board conformed and it will really elevate the level of this project. But we are still far from finish our job. We need your support. Now, more than ever, please contact me or the people you know from the World Congress to contribute to this book. Please find below the video you can use on your social networks to promote this project. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! Mija Lacher’s email:┬á