Project Description

Publishing a book is leaving a legacy for the next generations.

When Frank Giaoui, president of the World Congress of GLBT Jews, contacted me to share his vision and the project, he had launched a project to record  the last four decades of the GLBT Jewish world and to bring up questions to the present and future generations, I was in right away.

I had to contact many people from different countries to talk to them about the initiative. All of them, absolutely all of them, where interested. From writing an article for the book, to share their experiences as individuals, as Jews, as human beings, and to support with a donation this project, people where very excited about this…I learned a lot.

I am 30 years old, born in Israel from Argentine parents and a very liberal and loving family. I was never judged for being gay. I had their support. Always. I knew, of course, that I was an exception to many of my friends. What I did not know was how hard was for many of the people I spoke with over the last month. They need to be heard. Their stories need to be remembered, because that is what the Jewish people do: they remember. 

They need to be heard. Their stories need to be remembered, because that is what the Jewish people do: they remember.

Being part of this project, of writing an amazing book, is it not only a pleasure, but an honor. I am glad to give back to society because I was very blessed in my personal life.

This experience is unique: phone calls to Singapore, Jerusalem, Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, Mexico, NYC,  etc…conference on Skype at 4 am my time, 5 pm in Singapore and midday in Israel, all with something to share: that shows how broad and big this project is.

So far, I can tell that this is unique. We will write about the past, the present and the future. We also have allies to this book such as Rabbis, journalist, politicians, artists, activists, scholars and more. I will be in Paris for the World Congress event to share these words and experience with more than 100 leaders around world.

We still have a long path to walk. But let’s walk it together. We need your input, your opinions, your ideas. Also, and very important, your support. If you want to donate to this project, please email Frank or me. Every dollar counts. And we are writing history to leave to our children, to the future. Be part of it.

Michael Lacher Project Manager for the World Congress of GLBT Jews Book Project
Cantor Michael Lacher, project manager of the World Congress of GLBT Book Project. Lacher was born in Israel. He graduated from the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary the youngest of his class. He has more than 15 years of experience in Jewish liturgical services and he sang in several synagogues around the world: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Santo Domingo, Hartford, Vancouver and Medellin, where he served as the local religious leader for more than two years. He reads Torah, Haftarah and teaches Hebrew and Jewish culture.